Born in free India in 1959, Soumitra Dutta has a free spirit and a passion for capturing moments from nature through his lens, for all time to come. The lyrical poetry in nature arouses aesthetic pleasure and the more you delve into this beauty the more you savour its essence and the ultimate result is aesthetic bliss. Soumitra has a keen ear for the music of nature. It is this sensitivity that has drawn him to nature again and again.

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Photographs pick up facts for eternity… and are more eloquent than words

Soumitra had discovered his true love in his days of innocence and it is this love, which has shaped and moulded him in his life of experience. His medium of expression is photography and his subject matter is nature of which he is an integral part. He has to his credit many exhibitions. Acclaimed as one of the very best in his genre by both critics and connoisseurs, his artistic eye for perfection, beauty and truth will make him run a long innings. In 1985 Soumitra shared space with another artist for an exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata. After a gap of six years he held an exclusive exhibition of his photographs at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata. His 1995 solo exhibition on landscapes at Academy of Fine Arts,a part of “Three Exhibitions.” came in for his immense popularity. A landscape solo at Gorky Sadan, Kolkata followed soon.

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